Marsha Baby Mallard



It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love the soft, fuzzy down and adorable face of a little duckling! Marsha is our life sized Baby Mallard stuffed animal with a design so lifelike, she’ll make you look twice! Crafted for the discriminating animal lover, Marsha features realistic patterning in brown and pastel yellow Kohair materials so soft, she’ll practically melt in your hands. An orange bill and tiny, detailed feet add to Marsha’s lifelike appearance. One look into her lively dark eyes and you’ll want to pick up this little baby duck and never let her go. A delightful plush companion, bring home Marsha the Baby Mallard and let her inspire hours of imaginative play and an appreciation for our natural world!

Additional information

Weight2.2 oz
Dimensions4 × 3 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


6" Tall


(15 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




Customer Reviews

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Great quality and super cute

Our granddaughter was thrilled

We bought this baby mallard duck, Marsha, for our granddaughter who is 6. She had found a 2 day old baby duckling and took care of it and then let her go on the river at the end of her street. She missed Mars so we bought this for her. She was so excited and the real duck, now 10 weeks old does sometimes come visit her on the pier and she even comes up and gets in our granddaughter's lap!

2 Baby Duckies

On a recent visit with our young grandson, we rescued an abandoned baby Mallard duck from the lake near his family's home. We had the duckling for about 48 hours before we could surrender it to a wildlife rehabilitation organization. A local feed store helped us with necessary supplies to sustain the duckling over the weekend. Our grandson missed the duckling after it was turned over to its new home, so I thought he might like to have a couple of toy stuffed ducklings he to take care of. Well, he loves them and they are adorable. He carries them around, sleeps with them and invents games to play. They are just darling, so soft and very well made. It was amazing to find toy Mallard ducklings!

Baby Mallard

Shipping was quick, product was great.

My cat loves it

My cat kept stealing one of my Douglas stuffed animals (Rudy the Corgi), so I bought this for him in the hopes he’d stop stealing mine. The lil guy LOVES it, it’s a perfect size for a cat to play with and he likes to carry it around and cuddle it. It’s also super soft and cuddly (which I think is why my cat likes it).