Kelso Mountain Lion



Meet our new cool cat, Kelso the Mountain Lion plush! This elegant feline is positioned in a fun, stretched out lounging pose. And at 20″ long, he is perfect for draping across your lap or along the back of the couch. Wherever you find to place him, this handsome stuffed animal will be right at home. With bright golden eyes and loads of delicate airbrushing to bring his features to life, Kelso is unbeatable when it comes to realism. Couple his great looks with a luxuriously soft, plush body and you’ve got one cuddly cougar. Bring Kelso home and experience the quality of a Douglas Classic!

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Weight18.6 oz
Dimensions20 × 6 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


20" Long


(51 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful animal, trouble getting to Canada!

This is a beautiful, wonderful toy that my daughter adores. It's soft, the shape and size are perfect, and the eyes fetching! Unfortunately, it's very hard to get in Canada. We had to order it to my father's address in Oregon, and then have it shipped to Canada. It cost a lot to ship, got delayed at the border because it was labeled "plush toy", and we had to pay $40 in handling charges. We hope Douglas figures out a way to deliver to Canada soon so that we can order more wonderful toys!:)

Katie Garrett

Kelso Mountain Lion

Sarah Hunter
Lacking quite a bit of stuffing.

Unfortunately the stuffed animals I purchased were not of the best quality, which surprised me because usually Douglas Toys are great. But mine were incredibly low on stuffing, they’re flimsy and a bit sad honestly. I really hope this issue isn’t continued!

M. E.
The best ever

I'm an adult and I bought him for myself. You won't regret it, no matter how old you are.

Joanne Hanson

Thank you.
A gift to four grandchildren of a dear friend who passed a year ago.
Delightful! You are my very favorite stuffie company. You give kids something to hug and love.