Irbis Snow Leopard



With her soft fur and exotic looks, our elegant plush Snow Leopard Cub will steal your heart away! Featuring a luxuriously spotted coat of white plush fur, Irbis has just the right kind of camouflage to hide away in the mountains of her snowy home. But if given the choice, she’d rather curl up with you! Her big paws and floppy body make her a delight to hold and snuggle. Delicate airbrushed accents fringe her ears and add detail to her face, while her bright golden eyes catch the light and give Irbis an engaging expression. Pounce on an adventure with the regal Irbis the Snow Leopard stuffed animal!

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Weight8.7 oz
Dimensions9 × 10 × 5 in

24 Months & Up


14" Long


(36 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




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Customer Reviews

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Jillian Hails
Beautiful and so soft

Irbis is so soft and just beautiful I love her!

Maksym Tatevskyi
Beautiful, pleasant to touch, nice Irbis Snow Leopard

Long story bring us to your beautiful toy. Some day my son (3 years old) faced such Leopard in small cafe and kid was so excited about this toy that requested to go to the cafe every time we had a chance just to meet his 'friend' again. It was continuing for more than an year. But unfortunately cafe has closed about year ago and it was really bad news for kid. He was really disappointed and even asked to call former owner of cafe to ask them to sell Leopard if it is not needed anymore. But we failed and were not able to find such toy there in Ukraine. Fortunately on one of happy photos we did with boy and Leopard we found name of brand then googled it and found your shop. Today on the morning, Leopard is just arrived and my son don't know about it yet, we all waiting for evening to make surprise for him. ❤️

best purchase made

for around 20 years i have not felt comfortable snuggling up a stuffed animal for as they either felt awkward in my hands or was made with material that wasn't comfortable to have near me. Not only is it comfortable enough for me to hold in my sleep, but it's brought me a great load of comfort that i practically drag my little leopard pal with me outside at times. a wonderful stuffed toy and new comforting friend to have

Beautiful Snow Leopard

The snow leopard cub is adorable! Soft and plush. Perfect size.

Tiffany Lisy

Love it