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Some say that Lil’ Wolly the plush Llama’s finest feature is his sweet, caring personality while others rave about his soft, golden colored coat. Truth be told, this cuddly little Llama stuffed animal boasts a number of positive qualities! Pick him up and give him a snuggly squeeze. Wolly’s woolly textured coat is a delight for little hands. His large, dark eyes are fringed with long lashes that lend him a gentle expression that’s easy to love. Stitched facial accents along with endearingly short legs add detail and whimsy. And just like real Llamas, Wolly proudly wears a colorful halter and ear tassel. Bring home a touch of South American charm with this exquisitely detailed plush Llama!

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 7 in

24 Months & Up


6" Long


(15 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Lindy Pearson
Our Himalayan Loves Douglas

Our Himalayan cat, Nicholas, loves his stuffed toy llama “Douglas” but our Samoyed dog, Winnie, got a hold of him and ripped him apart so we needed some back-up “Douglas’s” for Nick. Now he’s very happy that his llama is back. I can send you a video if you’d like…it’s pretty funny! 🦙🐱🥰

Ernestine Limestall
Little Llama For a Little Girl.

Little Llama for a little girl was a success! thank you for the prompt delivery and it was well packaged for mailing. Wonderful Quality