Betina Pink Pig



The last thing anyone would associate with Betina would be the messiness of a pigsty! This little piglet stuffed animal is gentle and sweet and takes great pride in her appearance. Her soft, sleek body is crafted with beautiful pink plush fur and detailed with lots of realistic features. From the embroidered accents on her snout to the curl of her little tail, Betina is a surefire charmer. Large brown eyes combined with her oversized ears lend Betina a lifelike and endearing expression that will win the favor of pig lovers of any age. Invite this perfectly mannered plush piglet into your family and she is guaranteed to keep her space clean and tidy!

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24 Months & Up


10" Long


(25 cm)

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Betina pink pig

I have ordered a number of Douglass stuffed animals for my grand babies. They are all cute, and have so much personality.


Grandkids love them

Sweetest Face!

This piggy is soft and has the sweetest face and ears. Good size for my 1 year old to hug. Love that it’s machine washable, though we haven’t had to wash it yet.

Lucille Petersen
Loves Douglas

My granddaughter loves Douglas as we call this pig. Her mother thought the name was Douglas when she saw the tag. I gave it to our granddaughter when she was in the hospital going through chemo for liver cancer when she was four. Douglas was just right, and she still loves him. The original one had to be discarded along with all the bedclothes after a terrible incident. The second one is getting a bit worn, so I thought I would get a backup. All parents know the horror of losing a beloved toy, and how inconsolable a little one can be. I am so happy you still have this wonderful pig. I was afraid when I saw the others that you might not. Thank you! PS. She was fortunate to get a liver transplant.

Alexandra OHoro
Best Lovey Ever

My son simply adores this pig and brings it everywhere. It’s the perfect size (not easily lost and not too big for him to carry at 16months).

Bonus, the pig washes really well in the washing machine!! The stuffing stays put and doesn’t look disfigured after a wash.