Tumble Weed Bull



It’s time to saddle up your best cow horse and round up a herd of Hereford cattle! Tumble Weed is a burly Bull stuffed animal who loves to keep the ranchers on their toes! His plush coat is crafted from soft Kohair materials and features the bold red and white markings of the Hereford breed. Creamy colored, curved horns match his cloven hooves, while dark eyes and a pink nose accent Tumble Weed’s face. Soft and cuddly and with an adventuresome spirit, this plush bull is sized just right for on the go fun. If you’re on your game, you might just be lucky enough to corral Tumble Weed the rowdy plush Bull for yourself!

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Weight4.3 oz
Dimensions9 × 5 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


8" Long


(20 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size




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Customer Reviews

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Piper Angell
bessie again

Bessie is amazing. He is countlessly surprising me again and again. He is worth every single cent, and I am so glad I got him, once again. Each day I express my gratitude, and bessie is the top of my list. Although a lot of my friends have left me, bessie remains here, by my side constantly. He is here with me, once again while I'm writing this review, and I hope he can understand how much he means to me.

Piper Angell
Bessie, the gift of god.

He is one of the most amazing things to come to this world. I named him Bessie and he has been all of the USA. He’s helped me through countless mental breakdowns, and has gone through countless grievances with me. Bessie is the perfect size to go traveling with me! Soon we shall go to Hawai’i together and I hope he’s excited for that. Douglas, thank you for bringing me Bessie and supplying him to the Mount Vernon gift shop. I am forever in your debt.

Michelle Sharma
Adorable Water Buffalo

We had to wait for him to be back in stock but well worth it!
He's super adorable and cuddly. My 8 year old who loves all things bovine loves him!