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Whether its chasing a ball of yarn across the floor or relaxing in a patch of warm sunshine, Maps, the sprightly Calico kitten knows a thing or two about how to enjoy life to its fullest! This lovable plush Cat can be considered a pro when it comes to cuddling. Her tri-colored coat of plush fur features realistic Calico patterning and a delightfully soft texture. Quality polyester fill ensures she’ll maintain her engaging stand up pose while still being soft enough for snuggling when the day winds down. From her little pink nose to her upright tail, Maps is a Calico Cat stuffed animal whose bright eyed expression and confidant personality will charm all who meet her!

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Weight2.8 oz
Dimensions7 × 3 × 6 in
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Our one son got a Douglas mini corgi and his brother was very jealous. We then purchased the calico cat for him. It was a hit. Super soft and the perfect size!

J Roney
Soft and cudly

I haven't given this stuffed animal to my granddaughter yet due to the pandemic but I'm sure she'll like it. Only hesitation I had was that it didn't look much like a cat in the photo on the web and that is the same in person. To me, it looks more like a dog's face and tail on maybe a cat's body. Need a little design rework.

Laura Bullock
Magnificent Maps

Maps, the Calico Cat, is soft, with a beautiful expression in her eyes, and she's the right size to carry around. We call her 'magnificent' because her colors are so striking, so bold.


Great product- cute, basic, not all the bells and whistles which distract from just a good old fashioned teddy.