Cordelia Sea Turtle


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It’s easy for Cordelia the plush Sea Turtle to stand apart from her peers! Her muted pink colors lend a unique look that’s sure to captivate. A mottled shell and creamy white materials on her underside bring contrast to her design. Silky polyester fill and bean pellets add to our whimsical Sea Turtle’s softness and cuddly feel. The shimmery sparkle in her rose colored eyes will inspire exciting nautical adventures. Will the two of you make friends with a talking dolphin or maybe even encounter mermaids? When you have Cordelia the fanciful Sea Turtle stuffed animal at your side, the deep blue sea becomes that much more magical!

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Weight5.3 oz
Dimensions11 × 10 × 3.5 in

24 Months & Up


11" Long


(28 cm)



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Elizabeth Brown
Super soft and huggable

The Cordelia Sea Turtle is super soft and pretty pink. She is easy to hold to your chest to stroke her softness. Her shell is not as “full” or big as the Jade turtle and she feels a bit “skinny”; I prefer the level of stuffing in the Jade turtle. Her feet are nice and large and very soft as is her tummy. Her eyes are rimmed in sparkles and her head is perfectly shaped. She is the perfect soft toy to cuddle.