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Our cuddly Dogs and Puppies are among our most popular stuffed animals. We offer a huge selection of breed-specific plush designs in many sizes and styles. You’ll fall in love with our attention to detail and the incredible realism of our designs. We strive for realistic quality without compromising the softness or the all-important cuddle factor.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras

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Large Plush Dogs

Our large dogs range from 16 to 32-inches tall. They are incredibly life-like and famous for their cuddling skills. Each of our finely detailed dogs and puppies offers armfuls of love and makes a great companion.

Floppy Pups

Our NEW and popular Floppy Pups are lovable puppies posed in an irresistible laying-down position. Floppy Pups specially weighted bodies and soft plush fur make them the ultimate cuddly companions.

Mini Pups

Cute and collectible Mini Pups are available in a variety of breeds. Mini Pups are 5-inches tall, making them the perfect pocket-sized pal. Mini Pups are great for kids and a fun gift for your favorite dog lover.

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