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Wings for Costumes

Dreamy Dress-Ups

Artfully designed in Europe by NoaPoa, comes Dreamy Dress-Ups a fanciful and magical dress-up line for children ages 3 and up! Carefully created for fun, fanciful dress-up with extraordinary one-of-a-kind fabrics and materials.

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Dreamy Dress-Up Favorites

Claudina Agrias Wings

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DreamyFins Mermaid Tail – Aqua

$29.95 Add to cart

Caticorn Dreamy Headband

$14.95 Add to cart

DreamyFins Mermaid Tail – Pink

$29.95 Add to cart

Llamacorn Dreamy Headband

$14.95 Add to cart

Pandacorn Dreamy Headband

$14.95 Add to cart

Pink DreamyCorn with Pink Mane

$14.95 Add to cart
unicorn mask

Unicorn Mask

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Wings, Dragon

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pink fairy doll dress

Pink Fairy Doll Dress

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Fur Fuzzle

You will go over the rainbow for these bold and colorful plush pals, pom keychains and animal-themed crossbody bags! Sure to be a favorite!

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Fur Fuzzle Favorites

Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal

$14.95 Add to cart

Rainbow Unicorn Crossbody

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Best Seller

Caticorn Crossbody

$14.95 Add to cart

Spunky Hedgehog Crossbody

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Owl Pom Clip

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Hot Pink Unicorn Pom Clip

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Izzy Rainbow Owl

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Sassy Pet Saks

Douglas’ most popular purses and bags! Fashionably designed our Sassy Pet Saks will be a go-to favorite. Each bag comes with a special plush friend!

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Sassy Pet Sak Favorites

Boho Sassy Pet Sak with Corgi

$17.95 Add to cart

Pretty Ponies Sassy Sak W/ Horse

$17.95 Add to cart
Feathers Sassy Sak w/Horse

Feathers Sassy Sak W/Horse

$17.95 Add to cart

Pink Mermaid Sassy Pet Sak

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Purses & Bags

Discover fun and age-appropriate purses and bags for kids! These fancy fabrics are so diverse you will want to have several in your closet for all occasions.

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Horse Head Lil’ Sak

$11.95 Add to cart

Unicorn Head Lil’ Sak

$11.95 Add to cart

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