Sassy Pet Saks

Douglas’ most popular purses and bags are the Sassy Pet Saks. Fashionably designed, these saks will be your little girl’s go-to bag. Adorable and well made the Sassy Pet Saks will be the most the most fun item in your child’s wardrobe. From dragonflies and horses to seashore designs, you can fill these bags with your favorite cuddle toy and travel around town in style. Some bags are designed with pom poms while others have tassels. These fancy fabrics are so diverse you will want to have several in your closet for all occasions.

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    Pineapple Llama Sassy Sak

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  • Llamacorn Sassy Sak

    Llamacorn Sassy Sak

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  • Sloth Sassy Sak

    Sloth Sassy Sak

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  • Pink Mermaid Sassy Pet Sak

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  • Purple Unicorn Lil’ Sak

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  • Narwhal Lil’ Sak

    $11.95 Read more
  • Unicorn Head Lil’ Sak

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  • Navy Floral Sassy Pet Sak with White Cat

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  • Pink Princess Horse Sassy Pet Sak

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  • Cupcake Sassy Pet Sak with White Dog

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  • Butterfly Sassy Pet Sak with Black Lab

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  • Happy Elephant Sassy Sak

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