Douglas’ Ponies are Giddy-Up Fun!

Stick Horses

White Stick HorseKEENE, NH September 2013 Douglas Company continues to provide plush toys that stir the imagination and get kids up and moving. Douglas’ recent introductions, White Stick Horse and Paint Stick Horse do just that. Painted Stick HorseBe it a race at the Kentucky Derby or a round-up in the Wild West, your child is sure to be transported in time with these authentic looking horses. Each 12” horse’s head is mounted on a 36” sturdy wooden pole. The features of these horses make them very true to life and full of adventure. White Stick Horse is elegant in the purest of whites, with a silky smooth coat of fur and a luscious mane. She is clearly feminine with her bright pink bridle. Paint Stick Pony is the prefect painted pony in shades of chocolate and cream. Both boys and girls alike are sure to go wild over this one. He is absolutely beautiful and super cool with his faux brown leather bridle. SRP: $30 each. For some “huge” cuddle time equestrian fun, meet Canyon. Canyon is a 32” lying down pony. He, too, is of the Painted Pony breed and is amazing in shades of caramel and cream. He wears a fancy braided brown and cream bridle. He is so soft and so comfy, quiet cuddle time might just become your child’s favorite time of the day. Canyon makes a “huge” statement as room décor. SRP: $100 each.

Douglas products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA, Canada and Europe. Douglas’ Holiday Dressed Animals are expected on store shelves in September 2013. ABOUT DOUGLAS COMPANY DOUGLAS has been a family-owned and operated business for nearly 60 years, now with distribution throughout Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Douglas classic animals have gestures and expressions that clearly distinguish them. Their faces evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Unusual breeds and hard-to-find species are easy to find in the extensive Douglas Line. The in-house, USA design team is the heart of Douglas success. They create designs and steward them from conception to final production. In recent years, the power of the creative department has led into the fashion/accessory arena. They have a unique talent for walking the edge- to offer truly unique, trendy, and irresistible creations. There is a unique way with style, color, and complimentary fabrics that make the Christine Clarke Collection of Sassy Kidz Fashion speak for itself! DOUGLAS BABY has been growing over the years. This collection brings the company “full circle” to its beginnings in 1956 as an Infant Toy Producer. Douglas now has a collection of the softest, most endearing designs in both cuddle toys and activity toys for Baby. All Douglas employees have passion for what they do and take the mission seriously to promote imaginative play and emotional connection for children of all ages. From “classic” to “trendy” to “baby,” DOUGLAS spins a web of wonderful products for the discerning market of today. (High Resolution Images Available Immediately Upon Request)


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