Demitri Dragon Sshlumpie



Don’t let your little warrior take on a foe without a friendly Dragon companion at their side! Lightweight and versatile, our Demitri the Dragon Sshlumpie is part stuffed animal and part comforting blankie. Easy to pack or carry, he’ll always be there to ease away Baby’s fears and see them through their battles. Crafted in sumptuous plush with a sophisticated muted blue hue, Little Dragon is designed to soothe and delight. Bright, golden embroidery details his clawed feet, while a pair of soft wings completes his fairytale creature appearance. Never one to shy from a challenge, this endearing Dragon Sshlumpie soft toy will prove himself a brave guardian to your baby. Mix and match other accessories from our Demitri Dragon collection to make a custom set for yourself or to give as a gift!

Additional information

Weight5.8 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 5 in

Birth & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)



Baby Collection

Demitri Dragon

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Love it

I have autism and I bought this for comfort, it really does the job. Soft fur, and things to fidget with, it's a babies toy yet this is probably the best thing I've ever bought. Definitely will be buying more these are AMAZING!

Stephanie Lauck
Buy Two!

We purchased Demitri Dragon for our granddaughter when she was 18 months, he became a constant companion and sleeping buddy. At two years old she is now in day care, she has a meltdown with out it, so we purchased the second one to live at home/one in backpack for school.


My daughter is 2 and cannot be without her dragons. We originally had the one and purchased a backup. The one time we needed the backup, due to a much needed wash of the original, she immediately realized that it was a second and now insists on having both at nap and bedtime. Any chance Lucian or Sootie will make an appearance as a Sshlumpie??

gail saldis

The babies just love these soft wonderful characters

Ashley Feaselman

I bought demitri for my now 2 year old before he was born. He has carried this dragon around for 2 years. Demitri is no longer as soft and cuddly as he used to be. Now he’s well loved but he’s more “lumpy” (the fabric has clumped together and no amount of washes has returned the softness) is there a specific way he needs to be washed? My son sleeps with Demitri every night and loves him but is starting to gravitate towards his little brothers “jordyn the fox” because of how soft the fox is.