Leafy Woolly Bear Caterpillar



Our plush rendition of this classic autumn critter puts a playful spin on the charm of the famous Woolly Bear Caterpillar! A sentimental favorite of people young and old, the fuzzy black and brown form of this adorable bug is frequently found in the leaf litter, where it makes its cocoon and spends the winter. Named for this habit, Leafy the Caterpillar stuffed animal peers out from underneath a vibrant orange leaf. Leafy’s large eyes lend him a lovable appearance, while his cuddly coat of snugly plush materials begs to be picked up and cuddled. Bring home Leafy for a winsome Woolly Bear friend that you can keep all year ‘round!

Additional information

Weight3.6 oz
Dimensions7 × 5.5 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


7" Long


(18 cm)




Cuddle Bugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My baby

So cute

Soft and Perfect

it’s amazing and so soft. very adorable - larger than i expected!!

Rianna Jarnot
A Good Fella

He’s honestly so perfect. A lot more squishy and weighted than I thought which is a great thing! The little leaf on his head is the perfect touch. I bring him everywhere with me!

thingie for real

she is perfect. look at her little leaf. she is so fashionable. the little creature of all time. i need 10,000 of these

Juliet Vaden
Perfect Little Guy in Every Way 10000/10

Dear Douglas Company,
the moment I saw your Leafy Wooly Bear Caterpillar get listed on this site, I had to get him. I recently had just purchase the pink lil caterpillar from a book store the other day. Mr.Leafy would make a great friend to his pink lil companion. What I love about this little guy is all the love and attention in the details. The yellow leaf on his head has such beautiful embroidery work with a beautiful brown thread. The little smile is so adorable underneath his wooly-ness. I love how the bottom of the little guy is slightly weighed down with some plastic pellets! It really gives some weight to it when you hold in your hands to give it a lil smooch, so he knows how much he is loved. The material is so soft! Whenever I feel stressed, I give my guy a little pat on the back, and his comforting texture melts all my worries away. I hope the Douglas Company continues to keep making different caterpillars! I think the Japanese Emperor caterpillar would look so adorable in the Douglas style. Thank you Douglas for making this college student very happy with her new little guy <3.
a lover of all little guys