Shalem Snail Sshlumpie



Let Baby accompany Shalem the plush Snail Sshlumpie on her leisurely stroll through the garden! This laid back friend knows how to make the most of every day and will indulge your little one with creature comforts! We’ve crafted Shalem in decadently soft plush materials and left her design understuffed, so she can serve as both a playmat and a lightweight blankie companion. Shalem’s periwinkle colored shell features a silky satin curlicue patterned with floral blooms and butterflies. We’ve completed our Snail’s appearance with a cheerful expression, an embroidered Snail accent, and a subtle ruffle trim. Shop our entire Baby Cuddle Bugs collection to assemble your own custom set of accessories!

Additional information

Weight4.2 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 6 in

Birth & Up


18" Long


(46 cm)



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