Joey Gray Elephant Starlight Musical



An Elephant in the room is always a welcome addition when he can transform your ordinary surroundings into a magical nighttime starscape! Let Joey the Sweet Little Gray Elephant Starlight Musical make bedtime fun with his calming moon and stars projection and soothing lullabies. Turn on one or both of these features with the soft buttons on his front feet. The assorted lullabies will play on repeat or can be set to turn off automatically after 5 minutes. Our cuddly Elephant will charm you with ultra cuddly plush fur and a playful stripe and polka dot patterns. Embroidered accents ensure this stuffed animal is safe for babies. Enjoy this fanciful Starlight Musical on its own or consider matching it with other soft accessories from our Joey the Elephant collection.

Additional information

Weight11.2 oz
Dimensions11 × 6 × 7 in

Birth & Up


13" Long


(33 cm)



Baby Collection

Joey Elephant