Auggie Tan Puppy Sshlumpie



When it’s time for a nap, Auggie the Tan Puppy Sshlumpie is eager to join in because cuddling is what he does best! Crafted in decadently soft plush fabrics, Auggie will delight Baby’s sense of touch and will provide security and comfort. Machine washable and featuring embroidered eyes, this lightweight, versatile lovey is the ideal companion for infants. Understuffed with just the right amount of fill, it’s easy to pack him into a diaper bag or spread him out flat for a safe place for Baby to lounge. Whatever the activity, Auggie the doggie will be there and ready for all of it! Match this endearing Sshlumpie stuffed animal with your favorite products in our Auggie Tan Puppy collection to build a custom set.

Additional information

Weight5.4 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in

Birth & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)



Baby Collection

Auggie Tan Puppy

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Offitto
Auggie Tan Puppie Schlumpie

Love the puppy have purchased a schlumpie for all my grandkids over the years. Wonderful company and quality merchandise !!

Nan M Curran
Auggie Tan Puppy

My granddaughter now has three ATPuppies. She absolutely loves this puppy and he goes everywhere she goes. Please keep making this puppy.

Lorelee Pasch
Best Animal Blankets

I have been buying Sshlumpies for many years and each child has loved them. I loved the zonkey sshlumpie, they were a favourite. Wish they were still being made.

Baby gifts

There has not been a baby who doesn’t love a sshlumpie. They are perfection. And after the baby has one every family buys a second just to be safe!

Mom of 7
Fluffy and floppy

My daughter has the bunny sshlumpie, so clearly I wanted my next LO to have one as well. This puppy is so much thicker and more plush than the bunny. Like he's almost fluffy, yet still floppy at the same time. I really like him, not sure we will actually get to use him as the beloved security item though. He's so thick and hot (reminds me of a saranoni or minky couture blanket). He really is super nice, well made, good quality, and adorable!
A word of advice though, try not to dry him in the dryer. I did just to get any loose fuzz and lint, and it definitely lost some of the initial softness. So, going forward I will be air drying this only.