Ringo Raccoon



Meet our very mischievous Ringo the Raccoon plush! This playful stuffed animal loves pawing through your backpack and sneaking food from off the counter. But if you catch him misbehaving, he’ll give you one look with his big brown eyes and you’ll find it’s impossible to stay upset with the antics of this cute, cuddly critter! Featuring a realistic facial mask and ringed tail, Ringo the Raccoon is a plush that will appeal to animal lovers of all ages. Delicate airbrushing adds an extra touch of realism and luxuriously soft plush fur materials make Ringo a treat to hold and snuggle, at least when he’s not out searching for trouble!

Additional information

Weight5 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


10" Long Without Tail


(25 cm)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J Walker
Cute Raccoon!

It is perhaps a little smaller than I anticipated, but my grandson wanted a raccoon and this one is cute and cuddly. I am pleased with my purchase.

Bethany Keller
Cute and cuddly

Very cute and soft. I have been a fan of every toy from Douglas. This company is tops

Cinthya Vera
Best gift!!!

Ok this is a kid who is typing and not my mom sooo do not mind that.When I was going home from the park my sister saw a baby raccoon! And she wanted to keep it but, my mom said we could’nt so she cried the whole way home complaining that the raccoon needs her so my sis was super sad 😢 so I was sad so when I bought this I was so happy to give it to my sis she was so happy she loved it so much! She says she wants to be a zoo keeper! ( hopefully that doesn’t happen 🤞🏻) so buy this it will be the best!

Ashley Graham
Love him

These toys are my sons favorite. They’re super soft and he just loves playing with them. I love that they’re washable, and they really hold up well.

Emmee Hastings

Got this for my mom for Christmas, I know she's going to love it! Douglas stuffed animals are the best!