Sterling DLux Silver Fox



Sleek and handsome, Sterling the DLux plush Silver Fox will catch your eye with his unusual coat color! Silver Foxes are dark color morphs of the more commonly known Red Fox. Sterling features the typical black leg stockings of his species but instead of having a russet colored coat, it’s silvery gray and the faux fur hairs feature lifelike black tips. He features a floppy body style that we’ve gently weighted with beans in each of his paws. A pair of triangular, black ears lend alertness to Sterling’s amber-eyed expression, while a flashy, white tail tip completes his realistic appearance. A must for Fox lovers of all ages, let yourself be captivated by the allure of this unusual Silver Fox stuffed animal!

Additional information

Weight12.8 oz
Dimensions20 × 6 × 8.5 in

24 Months & Up


22" Long With Tail


(56 cm)





Customer Reviews

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Sandra Ocampo

Sterling DLux Silver Fox

Love it♡

I got this because im autistic and love foxses and its supert soft and comforting i bring it every were now its like a emotional support stuffed fox even got him a little vest :)

Cheyenne Delagardelle
A beautiful soft fox

She is gorgeous!!! I love her so much. One of my favorite fox plushes ever!! I didn't expect her to be this big but wow!!

Love this!

I have always been a massive fan of Douglas toys. I love how each toy is represented so realistically. The detail is immaculate. The animal almost looks like they are real. The stitch work is incredible. The eyes have a soul. When I saw this fox I thought, "wow, what a beauty". I am pleased with my purchase. I would however make one suggestion when I received this beauty in the mail. She got stuffed into a mailbox by a mailman that was careless. Her fur got a bit messed up and her body had to be straightened out. Maybe have the mailman bring the toy to the door and gently place it there.
Overall, I will continue to love Douglas!

Taylor S.
he's perfect!!

I absolutely adore silver foxes and it seems like Douglas is the only company that makes a silver fox plush, so I bought him. he arrived home today and omg he's so cute!! I knew he would be big but his size still surprised me, it's a great value for the price. his fur is not as soft as most of my plushies but it's by no means uncomfortable, just right for cuddling. the detailing on the fur is immaculate and stitching is perfect. only detail I would point out is I wish his silver fur was slightly darker colored, since real silver foxes are usually more dark grey, but besides that he's perfect and I love him so much!! <3