Starsky Appaloosa Horse



Made of stardust and fantasy wishes, Starsky the plush Appaloosa Horse will carry you away on the most fanciful of adventures! This elegant stallion features a cuddly coat with soft, gray markings. His mane and tail are made up of a combination of light and dark materials for an attractive look that begs to be pet and snuggled. With a bold glance of his warm, amber colored eyes, Starsky’s gentle expression will invite you to share your dreams with him. Crafted with resilient polyester fill and designed in a floppy, outstretched pose, you’ll find that Starsky the Appaloosa Horse stuffed animal is just as good at imaginative playtime romps as he is at cozy bedtime cuddles!

Additional information

Weight5.4 oz
Dimensions15 × 5 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


15" Long


(38 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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So soft!

This horse is so soft and my child loves it! It’s smaller than I realized, but it’s still a beautiful stuffed animal.

Ki Torres
I love her

I love my horse I know it was meant to be a boy but I renamed her Penelope and made her female anyways she is very soft nice cuality she is my fav toy I got her for my birthday I sleep with her and one funny thing I was looking on the Douglas shop and saw her so I looked close and saw on muzzle she had nostrials and I saw mine dint have them so I digged in to her fluff and saw the nostrials lol anyways I LOVE her keep making amazing toys and have a nice day. 😊👍👍👍