Spunky Hedgehog, Small



Our pint-sized Spunky the Hedgehog stuffed animal is all of the cuddles without any of the prickles! Crafted with only the highest quality plush materials, Spunky is the softest Hedgehog you will ever meet! Engaging bright eyes and tiny little paws and ears make Spunky extra adorable and lovable. His compact 5” size allows him to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and makes him easy to tuck into a pocket or bag so he can accompany you wherever you go. With his cuddly design and friendly face, Spunky the plush Hedgehog toy is a delightful companion who is sure to charm everyone who has the pleasure of meeting him!

Additional information

Weight2.7 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


5" Tall


(13 cm)



Customer Reviews

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The mental health Hedgie

I have to say, while I didn't get it from this website but from Cabela's and the boyfriend actually got Hedgie for me (its also my nickname), this guy comes with me every where. He is my mental health Hedgehog and when on filmset when I work it makes people get all excited to see him poking out my jacket or vest or in his little pouch. But for me its more than a happy little convo starter he helps keep me grounded and when things get to be much I know I can just snuggle him best I can. I don't know how else to say that while this is a childs toy, it great for size, and us adults can use its cuteness too for ourselves. Thanks Douglas for a great product. I just wish you had an extra-extra large Hedgie for me to buy and snuggle when I'm at home.

(My little Hedgie has been with me for over a year, he has some age)


It has pretty soft faux fur and it's firm but cuddly.
I thought it was going to be smaller than it is, more like the size of the lil kitten. My husband loves it though. We bought it for our toddler who loves sport balls and has a great throwing arm, plus he loves throwing his stuffies to his family so we thought this would be the perfect stuffed animal since it's in a ball shape.

Kirstin Edelglass
Adorable, soft toy.

We are thrilled with this gift for our hedgehog-loving daughter. The package arrived promptly.

Emma Broome
Absolutely Wonderful!

Gift for a friend, he absolutely loved it! Came exactly how advertised and very satisfied with my purchase!

Soft and cute!

It's perfect!