Salty Black & White Hen



There’s a commotion over at the henhouse! With a ruffle of her feathers and a joyful cluck, Salty the Black & White Hen stuffed animal has joined the flock! We’ve depicted this popular barnyard friend with soft plush fabrics that feature colors and patterns so lifelike, they’re sure to please any chicken enthusiast. Colorful red accents and a plucky gleam in her eye put the finishing touches on this cuddly country bird. Equally attractive on display or in your arms, Salty’s durable materials will hold up to years of adventure and affection. For a hearty dash of down-home charm, invite Salty the plush Hen home to your farm!

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Weight4.6 oz
Dimensions8 × 4 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


9" Long


(23 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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I def need!

I was just looking through some stores and ofc my favorite brand of stuffed animals show up! so I couldn't leave without getting one and I see a adorable chicken that completes my wild animal collection! tysm douglas!

Vincent Eovacious

I love it

Emily Jonson

YESSS! a now chicken toy!! I gust got this and i lov it sooooooo much!! but please make more like this and please make a blak langsham P.S I am 7 now and got this for my b-day YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE!!- Lilly 🌸🌺🌷🥀🌹💐🌸

Chickens are cool
Just one more thing

I just have one more thing I want to say. Can you please make a chick for this.

So happy to hear you're enjoying your Salty Black & White Hen plush! We do offer little plush chicks in three different colors (yellow, black, and brown). Just type 'chick' in the search bar on our website and scroll down and they'll be there in the search results!

Chickens are cool
Thank you for making more realistic chickens❤🐓

Thank you for making more realistic chickens. I no most people are all in to pink things and unicorns so you must make a lot more money making pink things. But thank you so much for making this chicken it is one of the best toys i have and i have a lot of toys. Please make more like this!!!!!