Igor T-Rex Dinosaur



Climb into your time machines and travel back to a prehistoric jungle with Igor the plush T-Rex as your companion! This detailed Tyrannosaurus stuffed animal features an open mouth with rows of white, felt teeth for ferociously fun make believe play. Textured green and yellow fabric brightens Igor’s look and adds to his realistic appearance. We’ve selected quality polyester fill for its ability to bounce back after hours of play and the fiercest of hugs. Igor’s engaging stand up pose and expressive olive green eyes are sure to inspire the minds of young dino lovers everywhere. There’s a whole world of prehistoric fun for the both of you to discover, so give Igor the T-Rex plush a cuddle and let the fun begin!

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Weight7.1 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 11 in

24 Months & Up


11.5" Tall


(29 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Kerry Beeton
Hit of the Dino birthday party!

I purchased this and Tracie soft pink Dino together for a brother and sister birthday party! They were such a hit with the kids (and parents) and such good quality I made another purchase of a red and a blue dragon too! All are being well loved!

Perfect gift

My grandson loved this toy. It so soft!

Rebecca Gail Duchesney Hutchinson
Perfect T-Rex

So happy I bought this for my son. It was the first thing he saw under the tree Christmas morning and his favorite present by far. We love the quality of all your stuffed friends, and this is a new favorite. Thank you

Ksenia Mananquil
Changed my entire life

When I first gazed upon Igor, my whole wide world turned upside down! I could not take my eyes off of his emerald irises. He beckoned me to play with his tiny claws, and I obliged.