Pancake Bengal Tiger Cub


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Come and walk on the wild side with Pancake the plush Bengal Tiger Cub! Pancake is
one cool cat with his handsome, rusty orange coat and playful floppy pose. White
accents and generous airbrushed details over his body and face make this tiger stuffed
animal stand out in a crowd. His baby blue eyes, big paws, and large, rounded ears
accentuate his lovable cub-like appearance and ensure his appeal to wild cat lovers of
all ages. Bring Pancake the Bengal Tiger home and let him charm you with his huggably
soft body and expressive face. For a roaring good time, our wildlife cubs bring out the
best in jungle fun!

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Weight 9.1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in

3 Year Up


(36 cm)


14" Long

Stuffed Toy Size




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