Melbourne Kangaroo with Joey


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Take a trip across the breathtaking landscape of the Australian Outback with
Melbourne, our plush Kangaroo mother! Crafted with delectably soft Kohair material,
she’s a squeezably soft handful of fun! Her upright pose with its long tail and big hind
feet realistically captures the form of this beloved marsupial species and, true to life, she
features a pouch and a darling little joey. Melbourne’s expression is sweetened by her
gentle dark eyes, stitched facial details, and large ears. So hop on over to the land
down under, Melbourne the Kangaroo stuffed animal and her baby will be happy to
show you around their red desert home!

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Weight 3.1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 3 in

24 Months & Up


(20 cm)


8" Long

Stuffed Toy Size




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