Levi DLux Brown Spotted Pig



If you’ve ever wished that you could bring home one of the springtime babies from the farm, you can now make that dream come true with Levi, our DLux plush Brown Spotted Pig! This adorable piglet features chocolate colored speckles scattered across a soft, white coat of plush fur. Accents of pale pink detail his snout, ears, and his four cloven hooves, while ultra huggable polyester fill and bean filled feet make Levi a floppy friend who excels at cuddling. Sweet, amber colored eyes and large ears lend him even more irresistible charm. A must for Pig fans and anyone who loves snuggling up with a sweet-faced animal companion, Levi the DLux Pig is a quality stuffed animal who will stand up to a lifetime of affection and hugs!

Additional information

Weight9.9 oz
Dimensions16 × 7 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


16.5" Long


(42 cm)





Customer Reviews

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Priscilla Espejo
One of my all time favorite stuffies!

I have both pigs and they are both my favorite plushies to cuddle when I’m going to bed. However this one is a lot fluffier than the pink one in my opinion. But I love them both a lot and would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves cute and cuddly pigs!


Super soft, cute, and squishy!

Emily Orth
Absolutely adorable!! I want 5 or more..

I couldn’t believe how adorable he is! I already had Charlene, the pink pig (only difference is color) so I knew I’d adore him. When he arrived I was so in love! He’s the perfect size for my adult arms to cuddle & enjoy. My 2 Douglas pigs, Levi & Charlene sleep on the bed every night. Would love to see this in the large size! A Large Levi Flopsie would be irresistible. I love pigs & his little hooves are just perfect. Everything about him is perfect.

LS Groves
love it!!

My puppy looks like the spotted pig!. She carries it out every morning to hide it in the woods— we play ‘find the Piggy’. It has a great color due to being buried several times— the new one is much too clean as yet. But we are happy to have

new piggy and old piggy. And if you can make my dog happy, then I’m happy.


Scott Jones
So cute

Very well made and so soft.