Juliette Persian Cat



The fluffy form of the Persian breed has been captured in Juliette, our cuddly Cat stuffed animal! Decadently soft lilac gray plush materials lend her an irresistible texture that will have cat lovers clamoring for more. Her outstretched form invites cuddling and feels right at home lounging comfortably in your lap. Silky polyester fill and gently weighted paws lend to our kitty’s floppy, huggable design. True to her breed, Juliette features a rounded head with full cheeks and small ears. Her bright-eyed expression shines with a brilliant golden glow. Bring this queen of comfort into your home and Juliette the plush Persian Cat will prove to be a captivating companion!

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Weight10.4 oz
Dimensions15 × 6 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


15" Long Without Tail


(38 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Not sure it's a cat - more like a bear face

Not sure that this actually looks like a cat because what we received looks more like a bear face on a cat body. My granddaughter is a bit confused because she really wanted a cat that looks like our cat. A bit disappointed for what we paid and what we received even though it is soft and cuddly.

Literally the best thing ever

I was thinking $30 is a little steep for a stuffed animal but seriously she is worth every penny. I’m an adult buying this for myself and I was debating it for a long time and I’m so glad I sent it and for her. If you’re even thinking about it do not hesitate. SO good to cuddle and hold, so soft, so cute. She balances on my shoulder. She’s watching me
type this. Perfect size to hold at night, big enough to cuddle but small enough to carry around, maybe put in a backpack or suitcase. She’s coming with me on my next trip. The fur color is beautiful. Thank u

Laurie Banas

Beautiful cat. Extremely soft and beautiful.

Lauren Molnar

Juliette Persian Cat

Lucinda Zett
Consoled a grieving friend.

My coworker learned that her precious cat needed to be euthanized and she was distraught. I thought that she might find some comfort if she was able to hold and hug a plush toy cat, much like a child is comforted by a teddy bear. Being a native of Keene, NH, I immediately thought of Douglas Toy. Sure enough, I found the "purrfect" look-alike plush grey cat on the website. I had some questions, so I phoned customer service. I don't have the name of the woman who took my call, but she was wonderful and she helped me finish my order. I was a little concerned because I thought that my gift might arrive at my coworker's house later in week, which might have added to her grief, but to my amazement, it was delivered the very next day, the same day that my coworker said goodbye to her feline companion. It was a little miracle and it worked wonders. Thank you all so much for bringing joy to the world through your creations and your service! I am happy to report that my coworker has now adopted a new kitty to fill her home with love and comfort.