Lil’ Baby Spotted Pig



Spring has sprung and there are lots of new babies on the farm! Our mischievous Lil’ Baby Spotted Pig stuffed animal is sure to entertain you with his sweet expression and charming antics. When he’s done rolling around in his favorite mud wallow, he’ll want to take some time out for hugs and cuddles. With an emphasis on realism, our cuddly piglet looks like the real thing, from his big floppy ears down to his pink curly tail. Made from the softest materials, it will be hard to resist this sleek little plush piggy. His small size fits snugly into your hands or he can be tucked into a pocket for on-the-go adventures. Be sure to come and meet our other Lil’ Baby critters!

Additional information

Weight3.1 oz
Dimensions5 × 3.5 × 6 in

24 Months & Up


6" Long


(15 cm)




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Customer Reviews

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Karen Thornton
So lovable!

Our 2 year old grandson is inseparable from the Douglas little spotted baby pig that he calls piggy. When he lost it at my house I scouted out your website and ordered a second so he would have him to play with - and sleep with each night. He has become his best buddy day and night. Just fits in his little arms.
We found the one he had put in an obscure place at my house and now we can breathe a sigh of relief that piggy never has to leave home for his trips to grandma’s. We have one at each house. So special! Piggy is cuddley, soft and has just the right curve to nestle in his 2 year old arms.

Attila The Shopper
Adorable Little Oink!!

What a cutie!! He's so soft and cuddly, and he's exactly as described. He's a great representative of his/her species and an excellent teaching tool. He's just the right size for small hands to carry and to take on any adventure one can imagine!! He's durable and easy to clean ; the quality is outstanding!! He's dearly loved in his new home!! If you have a pig lover in your life of any age ( or are one yourself), you couldn't do better than to 'adopt ' this little sweetheart!! You (& they) won't be disappointed!! (BTW, I've been informed that his name is 'Oink!!) This is why I'm a regular customer!! I plan on getting another little piggy soon!!

LS Groves
my dogs love them!

I wish you would continue to make the big piggym, which is her favorite toy.

Spotted Pig

We love this spotted pig. We’d received a lil’ handful for our first born and had to get one for the new baby. She loves it! It’s so soft and easy for her to hold.

Marlie Ave

My grand daughter loves her piggy