Everest White Retriever



Trotting down the sidewalk, Everest the plush White Retriever’s beautiful, pale colored coat is quick to draw the attention of passersby! A coat color variation of the well known Golden Retriever, White Retrievers are also sometimes known as English Cream Golden Retrievers or Platinum Retrievers. Everest’s creamy white coat of soft, plush fur invites adoring fans to shower him with hugs and affection. Floppy paws weighted with beans makes his poseable body style even more endearing, while his richly colored amber eyes will make your heart melt. Playful and loving, Everest the White Retriever stuffed animal is the perfect addition to any family!

Additional information

Weight14.3 oz
Dimensions10 × 11 × 11 in

24 Months & Up


12" Sitting


(30 cm)




Golden Retriever

Customer Reviews

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The Best Douglas Plush of All Time

I wish everyone reading this review could feel just how soft this plushie is. My boyfriend and I were stunned at how this Golden Retriever wasn’t in Douglas’s soft collection when we took this fluffy puppy out of the bag!
For starters, Everest has the sweetest facial expressions I’ve ever come across in a stuffed animal. He appears as though he’s a puppy, but his courageous, brown eyes tell us he’s an old soul booming with wisdom and bravery (personally he reminds me of Gandalf).
Secondly, he has the most adorable body structure!! If you look up an image of a Golden Retriever puppy and compare the two, you’ll notice the accuracy on this fluffy pup. The tail has the sweetest curl at the top, and the paws are so soft and round! His ears are sown down which allows his face to appear gentle and caring! Everest has just the right amount of squish to him which makes him the PERFECT candidate for snuggle parties!
Last but certainly not least, BUY THIS LITTLE CUTIE PIE! I call him tiny but he’s much bigger than you’ll expect him to be. He’s without a doubt a wonderful plushie for all ages and I promise you you can’t not love this precious pupperino!

Cute dog

He is nicely made, soft and so asorable! I am glad i bought him. :)

Perfect puppy

Bought this for our 2 yr old grandson because he’s in love w/our daughter’s English Cream Golden Retriever. He squealed in delight and squished it in a hug. Called “him” by our daughter’s dog’s name and took his “puppy dog” to bed. His new best pal.
Looks VERY much like a retriever;
he is soft and properly floppy yet can sit like a puppy does.
Very well made and larger than I expected. Every adult was also impressed and had to hug it.
Highly recommend this perfect puppy!

Puppy lover Grandma
Love at First Sight!

Big soft and super soft and cuddly!