Chichi Chihuahua



Small but mighty, Chichi the Chihuahua stuffed animal is a lively personality who won’t hesitate to keep her family informed of the goings on outside the window! Her large, dark eyes and adorably oversized ears don’t miss a thing and she’ll want you to know if people are passing by or if there’s a strange dog at the corner of the lawn. When it’s time to relax together, Chichi wants to be at the center of it all and loves when her family lavishes her with pets and snuggles. Soft plush materials depict her tan colored coat, while creamy markings add realistic accents. To complete our endearing Chi’s appearance, we’ve added rosy, pink airbrushing within her ears. Bring home this pint sized plush pup today and Chichi will make sure to keep you on your toes!

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Weight2.9 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


7" Long


(18 cm)





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