Oakley DLux Golden Retriever



If you’re looking for a special Golden Retriever stuffed animal who is sure to take home the award for “Best in Show,” Oakley’s got what it takes! We’ve tracked down the finest plush materials for the animals in our DLux collection to ensure these dogs come out ahead of the competition. Oakley’s realistic design boasts ultra soft fabrics with personality and distinction. Snuggly soft interior polyester fill and a luxuriously floppy body makes him ideal for hugs. All the loyalty of this faithful breed has been encapsulated in this lovable plush dog. He’ll be there when you want to snuggle or are in need of a reassuring friend. Adopt this handsome pup and he’ll prove himself as a champion companion!

Additional information

Weight11.3 oz
Dimensions13 × 5 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)






Golden Retriever

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Perfect gift!

My daughter and son-in-law have a golden retriever that looks just like Oakley. We bought it for our soon to be grand daughter. Oakley is a very well made stuffed animal that looks and feels great. It should last her entire life and maybe even a generation or two longer. We are very happy with the purchase.

Happy Daughter
Darling Golden Retriever

Got it for my mom, who misses having dogs but is too old for pets now. It looks like my aunt's dog, who my mom adores. She LOVED this plush, even brought it with her to X-mas dinner. Kept talking about how its eyes look real and how much she loves it. Not just for kids!!

Karen B.
Sweet Oakley

This is the softest sweetest face Golden Retriever puppy so soft so well made! Any child or adult will love this stuffed pup!

Golden retriever

I had bought a yellow lab for my 8 yr old grandson & he told me his 12 yr old brother wanted 1 too! The retriever is not as soft as the lab but is very cuddly. Both boys are happy to have a dog to hug as they are going thru a rough patch!

A Palmer
Golden Retriever Love

This dog is so well made. The seams are all in the right places and placed so that his contours are perfect. The material is so soft and the fur is long. The eyes are so deep, he seems to be looking right through you. I love this little guy.