Oakley DLux Golden Retriever



If you’re looking for a special Golden Retriever stuffed animal who is sure to take home the award for “Best in Show,” Oakley’s got what it takes! We’ve tracked down the finest plush materials for the animals in our DLux collection to ensure these dogs come out ahead of the competition. Oakley’s realistic design boasts ultra soft fabrics with personality and distinction. Snuggly soft interior polyester fill and a luxuriously floppy body makes him ideal for hugs. All the loyalty of this faithful breed has been encapsulated in this lovable plush dog. He’ll be there when you want to snuggle or are in need of a reassuring friend. Adopt this handsome pup and he’ll prove himself as a champion companion!

Additional information

Weight11.3 oz
Dimensions13 × 5 × 8 in

24 Months & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)






Golden Retriever

Customer Reviews

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M. Heitman
Oakley, the Support Dog!

Oakley was delivered to Carlos, a little boy fighting cancer. He loves when the real-life support dog visits him in the hospital, now he has Oakley when he goes home! Oakley is just adorable! A perfect "support dog" for Carlos! A well-made cuddly dog for a darling boy!

Cuddles of love

Oakley is wonderful and perfect for cuddling. I bought two of these. One for a friend that just had a hip replacement and had to keep her live Goldens back when she returned home from the hospital. The second was for me. My Goldens get too hot when I try to cuddle with them and Oakley never complains. BTW, I am 69 yrs old and still love cuddles. Love your products!!!!!

Eleanor Donovan
Douglas stuffed animals

I have eleven grandchildren all five years apart, I have bought many douglass stuffie's over the years and I have been very pleased. The Golden Retriever is great and my grandson will love it. This year the three toed sloth Sylvie was a hit especially this year when everyone needs something to hug.The quality of your products are excellent. When I need a stuffed animal, I always get a Douglas Stuffed Animal.

Leila Atienza

Surprised to receive in such a short time. I ordered these items for my grandchildren and am excited that they will get it for Christmas. Thank you.

Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff

I bought this for my mom who is in a nursing home. She has Alzheimer’s and does not know where she is. She has had 3 golden retrievers over the years and loves them. She loves this one too. She hugs it all the time, won’t let it go. So I would say this dog could not be better. Thank you for making her happy!