Klaus Belgian Malinois



A favorite for police and military work, the Belgian Malinois is an intelligent and versatile dog and our plush, Klaus, is an accurate depiction of his breed. This lifelike stuffed animal is quick to jump into action and will tirelessly and determinedly work alongside you until the job is finished. His handsome tan coat is accented with a black facial mask and airbrushed details. Bright, lively eyes reveal an energetic personality that will engage and connect with fans of this loyal breed. Soft plush fur is paired with high quality polyester fill to ensure Klaus is a long lasting, huggable friend. Appoint Klaus as your protector and constant companion and this dependable plush Mal will be there for you through thick and thin!

Additional information

Weight5.8 oz
Dimensions11 × 4.5 × 9.5 in

24 Months & Up


12" Long


(30 cm)




Belgain Malinois

Customer Reviews

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So soft!

I bought this dog off of amazon, This dog is super soft! It's a bit smaller than, Let's say the douglas german shepherd! Perfect for Use of being an ESSA! {Why I bought the dog In the first place} Small enough so you can hide it Easily, But soft for the comfort part! Worth the money! Such a cute face1

Chris Thomson
Great service but same product number doesn’t match the original

We bought a back up plush toy for our granddaughter just in case the original disappeared. This is her comfort friend and won’t go to sleep without it. We thought we would stay ahead of any possible malady by buying a duplicate. Unfortunately the face has a different color pattern and was noticed right away. Douglas Toys build a great product and provided awesome shipping service. We just wanted to note that not all with the same product are exactly the same.

Agnes Barlow
Plush Belgian Malinois

Well made. Delivered quickly. Good price.
Just as shown in the website.
And soooo soft!!

Sue Castillo
Belgium Malinois is amazing

Like all the other products, this stuffed animal is very lifelike and top quality.

Hillary Edwards
Super cute

This is a really cute dog, realistic too. My only complaint is that as soon as I touched the spot on his check it fell out, but it looks fine! I hardly ever notice. With this being said, he is a really adorable and realistic toy!