Gretel Red Dachshund



If Gretel the Dachshund stuffed animal turns up missing, you might want to check that hole she dug out in the backyard! This industrious little pup loves to dig in the earth, sniffing around for critters as she goes. Dachshunds were used to hunt badgers in years past but Gretel’s dirt excavation is just a game today. However, with a long body and short legs, the Dachshund breed is still perfectly suited for the activity. Crafted with chocolatey brown fur, this lifelike puppy is soft and cuddly and perfect for hugs, at least when she’s not busy digging around in her dirt tunnels. Long ears and sweet, amber colored eyes give Gretel charm that’s impossible to resist. And after destroying another corner of your lawn, charm is an important feature for this plush Dachshund pup to have!

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Weight5.7 oz
Dimensions12 × 7 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


12" Long


(31 cm)

Stuffed Toy Size






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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Zhang
Adorably Amazing

I had one of these as a kid that I got on vacation and lost her in the process of moving a few times... the fact she's still sold online and I could get her again brings out a childhood joy, as she was one of my favorites.

Amazingly well put together, just as they were way back when. The quality hasn't dropped!

kathy Loucks
Absolutely perfect

This is a real review. I reached out to the company to send this cute dachshund especially for my 85 year old mom to remember ours who just passed. I have one and my mom has hers on her bed. We both kiss it every morning when we wake up in remembrance to our Beau 17. She almost teared up at Xmas when I gave it to her saying how lifelike it was, the expressive eyes and so soft . She swore the eyes looked like our dog. So it’s not only a gift for kids but one of comfort to adults who have lost a dog particularly a dachshund :) finally they shipped it extra fast I know they read my note asking if it could come for my mom for Xmas. They are high quality and the best :)

Bridget Martin
So Lucky to Have Found Gretel

While visiting my local second hand store, I came across the most adorable red dachshund stuffed animal!! She is in wonderful shape, clean, soft and oh so cute! So thrilled to adopt her (hehe) for only $.50 🤗

Doreen Ayers

The dachshund was a perfect likeness to Abby, my granddaughter's dachshund. The quality, price, and quick delivery made it a perfect purchase. I like that is made in the USA.

Savannah Shumaker
older than 10

I got this dog when I was a baby and it is still in perfect condition I have taken it everywhere from preschool to Disney. Great to travel with and is so nice to have 10/10 would recommend