Everest White Retriever



Trotting down the sidewalk, Everest the plush White Retriever’s beautiful, pale colored coat is quick to draw the attention of passersby! A coat color variation of the well known Golden Retriever, White Retrievers are also sometimes known as English Cream Golden Retrievers or Platinum Retrievers. Everest’s creamy white coat of soft, plush fur invites adoring fans to shower him with hugs and affection. Floppy paws weighted with beans makes his poseable body style even more endearing, while his richly colored amber eyes will make your heart melt. Playful and loving, Everest the White Retriever stuffed animal is the perfect addition to any family!

Additional information

Weight14.3 oz
Dimensions10 × 11 × 11 in

24 Months & Up


12" Sitting


(30 cm)




Golden Retriever

Customer Reviews

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Caroline G

Everest White Retriever

TJ Pete
English Cream retriever

I searched for many English cream retriever stuffed animals and only wanted the best. This one is the highest quality English cream retrievers stuffed animals you will ever find. Bought for my daughter who is away at college to match the real English cream retriever we have at home. Beautiful stuffed animal and very much matches a true look of a puppy.

Kate Evans

So soft, perfect size I love this dog so much! Will definitely purchase again!

ML Jones
This little pup is SO cute!!

The quality is excellent—so soft and cute! A great value.

Carmen is My Boyfriend

I purchased this sweet boy at the beginning of summer, not knowing that he would soon become my best friend. I found him at my local toy shop and walked around the entire store with him before ultimately deciding that he needed to come home with me. I ended up naming him Carmen on the drive home and he’s become a household classic. Me and my boyfriend talk about him like he’s our real dog. I make jokes about Carmen and talk about how I miss him when I’m not home. And when I facetime my boyfriend, he always assures me that Carmen is waiting with him at home for me. I cannot recommend getting your own Carmen enough; everyone deserves a Carmen. (I also like to sing Karma by Taylor Swift but replace it with ‘Carmen’, so like “Carmen is my boyfriend, Carmen’s a relaxing thought..” It’s my national anthem). Thank you Douglas, and thank you AMERICA!