Dunham Shiba Inu



This feisty Shiba Inu plush makes a point of proving himself. Whether it’s showing off that he’s the fastest and cutest of all the other dogs or stubbornly insisting that his way is the right way, he’s sure to prove himself as a lovable cuddly companion to you. From his black leatherette nose to his fluffy arced tail, Dunham was made with the discriminating dog lover in mind. His design features the golden orange coat, small triangular ears, and curled tail of the Shiba breed and his facial detailing gives this stuffed dog an extraordinarily engaging expression that is sure to win fans. Dunham is designed in an upright standing pose but his high quality materials and soft fill make him an appealing soft plush toy that is ideal for hugs and cuddles when he’s not running around howling about how awesome he is.

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Weight11.1 oz
Dimensions12 × 6 × 12 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)




Shiba Inu

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My Little Guy!

I may be in my 20s, but this shiba plush has brought me much joy. An unexpected Barnes & Noble find, he keeps me company throughout many remote work hours. He's SO soft and these pictures don't really do his lively eyes justice. I got him Aki has a friend as well. They are PERFECT!

love it!

I was in a barns & noble, until I found this adorable plushie! I bought it for my daughter and she LOVES it! It’s so soft! I will be buying from this brand again! My favorite part is the noise! It’s made out of leather! The plushie is kind of overpriced but other than that I love it! I recommend buying! The plushie is also great if your kids have they have scenery issues, it’s SOOO soft! I might have to get me one too! 10/10 I will most likely buying from Douglas again.

D'Miyah Jones
adorable plushie

soooooo soft and adorable mine stayed soft for a few years

Coderre Kai
Best buddy

It’s a wonderful plush beautifully made that can stand on its own, but as well be very huggable. Very soft luxurious fur!

Jake Robettson

Dunham Shiba Inu