Tug Black Cat



Tug the Black Cat is one handsome feline with his coal black coat of plush fur and striking olive green eyes! Featuring only the softest, silky materials, Tug is irresistibly cuddly and unbelievably soft. His stretched out, lounging pose makes him especially ideal for hugs and snuggles. Soft polyester fill and a gently weighted body gives Tug a realistic flop that will win your heart and make him a favorite when it comes time to curl up and relax. His beautiful bright-eyed expression makes Tug even more lifelike and engaging. You won’t find a more cuddly companion, invite Tug the elegant Black Cat stuffed animal to join you whenever it’s time to snuggle up and snooze!


Additional information

Weight5 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

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Sandy Bisinger
Cat looks like a bear

Our family thought you were a reputable stuffed animal company. That is why we chose to order from you rather than Amazon or other stuffed animal manufacturers.
That being said, I ordered what I thought was a black cat. Unfortunately, when we received the animal it looked more like a bear. It is missing a crucial feature that defines a cat, it’s whiskers.
We tried to add whiskers so it would look like a cat (to our granddaughter) but have not been successful. Needless to say we were disappointed by our purchase. It is our intent to give you a strong suggestion to remember the crucial features of the stuffed animals you put your name on and sell to your customers.
Signed one disappointed granddaughter and her even more disappointed grandparents

Lisa Borka
Cuddly Black Cat

My granddaughter absolutely loves her kitten !! I wanted to keep it after it arrived !!! Very soft and cuddly !!

Caity Garris
Softest Cozy Friend!

I absolutely love Tug! Looks just like my kitty and is incredibly soft!

L. F.
Tug Black Cat

My dear Black kitty passed and I missed her so. Finally I found Tug, so soft, silky & cuddly. Tug joined my other Douglas critters, and now my menagerie is together again!!

Susan Koller
He is the cutest!!

Tug is a fan favorite for our little granddaughter. He is so soft and cuddly, and it is her favorite when she is not playing with your real black cat, Thor.