Puzzle Calico Cat



Puzzle is a graceful plush Calico Cat who loves the cushy life. She is on the hunt for a “lap of luxury” where she can curl up for a cozy nap! With a generously sized cuddly body that has been gently weighted and slightly understuffed for floppy realism, Puzzle will be more than welcome in the lap of any feline fan! Brightly colored amber eyes give her an alert, mischievous expression and her beautiful tri-colored plush coat is irresistibly soft. It is a long held belief across many cultures that calico cats bring luck to the households that keep them. Now you can bring home your own lucky calico with Puzzle the Calico Cat stuffed animal!

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Weight11.1 oz

24 Months & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)



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Very Lovable

My son bought this for me for my birthday over 7 years ago and then immediately reclaimed it as his own (he was 2) It has been his most loved stuffy ever since and has held up phenomenal against much hands on love and snuggling.

Shawn Palmer

Puzzle Calico Cat

Grumpy old codger
Two paws up!

I ordered Puzzle the Calico cat for my great-niece's third birthday, and she is absolutely THRILLED. My great-niece and her parents have a Calico kitty, and Puzzle is amazingly like the real kitty (not quite as fat, though). My great-niece pulled Puzzle out of the gift bag and immediately started cuddling her, then "put her to bed" on the sofa under her favorite blankie. So cute!

Amusing side story - I ordered Puzzle a few weeks before my great-niece's birthday, and when the package arrived, I wanted to put the toy away someplace where my own cats wouldn't be able to wrestle with it. So I tucked it into one of the drawers of my dresser - and then the next morning, totally forgetting about hiding the toy there, nearly had a heart attack as I was getting dressed and opened that drawer to see a VERY lifelike Calico kitty looking up at me from among my shirts. Moral of the story - you will love this plush toy, but don't store it in your dresser!

Maryori Morales
Calico Cat

Nice and soft. My toddler daughter loves it!

Lisa Borka
Puzzle <3

I love this stuffed animal so much ! I don't sleep without her !!