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Dreamy Dress-Ups




Our Dreamy Dress-Up products are an amazing gift for dress-up, pretend play and dance! Our amazing attention to detail and quality make play time easier than ever, which of course leaves more time for fun! With a huge selection of products to choose from, you will be sure to find something for everyone.

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Dreamy Dress-Up


Made with sateen and sparkly embroidery, this ladybug is sure to be noticed. With Douglas’ outstanding attention to detail and quality, this collection is perfect for dress-up, pretend play, and dance. With slip on loops, it also makes putting on our products easier than ever. Which of course leaves more time for fun!


Show off your true colors with these peacock accessories! Featuring unique bright colors, you’ll sure be a crowd pleaser. Each product has built in details for dress up and pretend play! Combine mask with dress-up wings or dresses for a complete look!

Dreamy Dress-Up
Dreamy Dress-Up


Black and yellow never looked so good.  Designed with layers of beautiful scalloped tulle done with amazing attention to detail and from the highest quality materials. Douglas’ bumblebee print will have you be the buzz of the play group. With an easy slip on design, you’ll be having fun in no time!

Dream, Dress-Up, and Play

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