Tiny Ziggy Caticorn Macaroon



Plump and sassy, Ziggy is little plush Caticorn Macaroon. He’s a special fantasy critter
boasting a unique blend of cat and unicorn. While his magical mixture may confuse
some, we can assure you that he’s 100% fantasy fun! His velvety soft white plush body
is accented with vibrant rainbow colors on his enchanted horn as well as down his tail
and on the insides of his ears. Ziggy’s large eyes are rosy pink and feature glittery
sparkles. They’ll stare at you and plead because the thing Ziggy likes most is being
picked up and lovingly squeezed! Add a dash of whimsy to any décor with Ziggy the
squishy soft Rainbow Caticorn Macaroon stuffed animal!

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Dimensions 7 in