Sapphire Princess Unicorn


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Introducing Sapphire, a colorful Princess Unicorn who loves making magical fantasy dreams come true! This playful plush horse features a soft cotton candy blue coat and shimmery blue unicorn horn. Sapphire comes with her very own brush so you can comb and style her extra long mane and tail. Her realistic pose stands on its own but is soft enough for quality snuggle time. Let Sapphire the stuffed unicorn carry you away to a fairytale castle or a magical meadow or anywhere your heart desires. Wherever you go, she is happy to be your constant companion!

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Weight11.6 oz
Dimensions12 × 5 × 12 in

24 Months & Up


12" Long


(31 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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We all need a unicorn 😊

This purchase was a bit of an experiment. My six year old grandson saw the little green dragon in a bookstore and fell in love. It had a lovely expression. My daughter said no so of course grandma came to the rescue and when I looked online the unicorn was suggested as a second purchase. My daughter okayed it so I bought the two and they were waiting for him on our first post Covid vaccination visit last weekend. You need to know that my grandson is the child of a bald, tattooed war decorated veteran . He fell in love with cars at eight months and that love has never wavered but expanded to include trains, transformers, daredevil feats on bikes and playing soccer. I had my doubts about whether he would take to a large , pretty, rainbow colored unicorn with a pink brush included to brush its’ mane. I consider myself a pretty open minded grandma but I confess that I did have internal thoughts about whether this was an appropriate present for a boy.My grandson took to this gift like a duck to water, didn’t bat an eyelid and played happily with “Uni” and “Greenie” all weekend even the mane got brushed although there was lots of roughhousing going on too 🤣. The moral of this story for me was allow your little boys to explore their soft side without making fun of them. They all have that soft side that maybe doesn’t get much opportunity to grow. It doesn’t mean they won’t grow up to be men 😊. It was a lesson for Grandma.

Super cute!

My daughter loves her new unicorn. It's very soft and well made.


Sent this to my best friend's daughter for her 6th birthday. She loved it!

Thanks for your review Amanda! We love fanciful Sapphire too.