Orli Sea Serpent



Fathom the mysteries of the deep with Orli the magnificent Sea Serpent stuffed animal! He features a captivating design sure to catch your eye and leave you in wonder should you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him at the water’s surface! This mystical creature is crafted in soft cerulean blue fabric that features a flashy pattern of realistic scales. Glittery golden material runs from Orli’s throat all the way to the end of his tail while his fins and spines are accented in exciting metallic silver and gold. Make Orli the magical plush Sea Serpent your friend and he will share the mystery and wonders of his underwater world with you!

Additional information

Weight6.5 oz
Dimensions14 × 5 × 10 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)



Customer Reviews

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My son loves the dragon! He sleeps with it every night. He plays with both his dragon stuffies during the day!

Wonderfully made, soft and cuddly, so unique!

My son is all about dragons and got this for Christmas. It is beautifully crafted, soft and shiny. Very unique. He LOVES it. It is already getting lots of use, some of it on the rough side. Holding up well!

Orli Sea Serpent

My kids and I love Douglas Toys. My son has a dog, that was discontinued years ago, that He takes with him everywhere. The dog has worn over the last 5 years, so we ordered Orli. Orli is a beautiful serpent and very cuddly. Unfortunately, the seam on Oril’s back busted in less than 24hrs. My son was devastated because he used some of his birthday money to buy him and searched the entire sight for his new cuddle friend. Orli is an awesome toy, I just wish he hadn’t busted open.

Orli Sea Serpent

I purchased this for a child who, at present, is a bit too young (newborn) for this stuffed animal but her parents absolutely love it and know their daughter will love it! They love everything related to dragons and I know they will pass this love on to their daughter. Very soft, well made, and unique.

Stuffed Dragon - Copper & Turquoise

This was purchased for my grandson, age 6 who lives in Kansas. My son contacted me a few days ago to say he is thrilled with it and sleeps with it every night. I have always been very impressed with the quality of your stuffed animals and encourage others to shop from you. Thank you