Midas Dragon



Soft and elegant and loaded with enchanting details, Midas the Gold Fleck Dragon is a fantasy plush like no other! The graceful curves of his serpentine body have been crafted in an endearingly shaggy coat of plush fur. Delicate gold flecks dapple his body and compliment his other metallic accents. Two gilded horns and a crest over the top of his head give Midas a stately appearance. Additional golden features can be found on the undersides of his wings, body, and at the end of his long tail. With a sophisticated design and an exciting blend of different designer materials, this unique dragon stuffed animal is certain to captivate and delight fantasy lovers of any age!

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Dimensions 22.5 in
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Super find, wish there were other colours!

Our youngest got this as a gift and reward for personal achievements.
Our eldest is desperate to find one with the same shape and texture so that they too can earn one!
We also have two other Douglas Dragons, but this one is by far the favourite in our house.

An instant favorite

This stuffed toy is more than it seemes. Upon arrival it was larger than I thought and incredibly soft. Colors are perfect with the soft gold and light grey. Really make it stand out in a good way. An instant favorite.

A Dragon with a different look.

I love that his detail features have been styled different to give him a refreshing appearance. Ex: a hooked snout, slightly thicker side of head mounted horns, a forked tail and gold speckled "high-pile" fabric for the body. Very much a wise dragon of lore.

Absolutely Gorgeous

I got this for my toddler this Christmas. She absolutely loved it. The colors and details on this item are superb.


Was pleasantly surprised, the dragon was much bigger than it appeared in the picture. The gold accents are gorgeous. Very well made product.