Phyllis Flamingo Fur Fuzzle


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Phyllis the flamboyant Flamingo Fuzzle wears all the latest styles with a confidence so alluring, she’s utterly irresistible! This glamorous stuffed animal stands apart from her peers with a daring use of dazzling double-sided sequins down her neck. Velvety, hot pink materials give Phyllis a huggably soft body and a luscious color while beans within lend her a lifelike weight. Long pile faux furs accent her head and wings mimicking the appearance of feathery plumage. Special glittery material brings shine to the beak and claws of this plush bird. Graceful eyelashes can be found fringing her eyes and long dangly legs bring whimsy and charm to her design. Bring home Phyllis the Flamingo fashionista and be inspired!

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Weight7.7 oz
Dimensions11 × 6 × 13 in

3 Years & Up


11" Tall Without Legs


(28 cm, 20 cm)




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