Ember Light & Sound Black Dragon


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As black as coal, Ember the plush Dragon is sure to captivate with his bold fantasy design and exciting features! A touch point on his back activates magical sounds and lights in his chest and mouth. He wings flap in a menacing way, warning all brave adventurers not to come a step nearer! Jet black fabric with a fun, scaly texture is accented with metallic silver material on his chest, spikes, and feet. A mottled red and black pattern lines the undersides of Ember’s wings while ferocious yellow eyes tell all onlookers that this feisty firedrake means business! Bring some excitement to your fairytale adventures with Ember the Black Dragon stuffed animal! On/off switch and removable batteries included.

25″ long with tail.

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Dimensions25 in

3 Years & Up


25" Long With Tail


(63 cm)




Fantasy Light & Sound

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Above and beyond in customer care

This company goes above and beyond if one of their toys is defective. One of our son's best friends happens to be a red dragon stuffie he received for Christmas last year (he named the dragon Spicey.) About 6 months in or so one of the dragon's wings stopped lighting up. Our son loves his dragon so much he asked about his little brother receiving one for Christmas this year, too. So I looked at his dragon's tag and searched online to find the perfect black dragon with the same light up and sound features to join our family this December. When I called to confirm if they had them in stock, I figured I'd ask about sending Spicey in to be mended. Unfortunately, they cannot fix Spicey, however within minutes they confirmed they would do the next best thing and sent along another red dragon with our order without expecting us to return our beloved Spicey ( and we love that each one is unique and that the new one has a blue mark on it....) While replacing Spicey is impossible, perhaps a long lost twin may arrive this Christmas or maybe Spicey will magically return to the North Pole on Christmas eve and appear all clean and shiny with a new, with a blue mark from all the travels. Thanks for your outstanding, expedient and personal touch to your customer service. Our family feels the love.