Livie Rainbow Bunny, Large



For bigger Bunny hugs, cuddle up with Livie, the largest rabbit from our plush Soft Rainbow Bunny trio! Always a favorite, the look of the lop eared rabbit is a time proven winner when it comes to an endearing appearance. Livie is a special lop, however. Her ears and tail feature a delectable pattern of pastel rainbow stripes! Warm brown eyes peer out from her creamy white face and beg for hugs. With a floppy design as cuddly as hers, you’ll find her charms difficult to resist. Place Livie next to a loved one’s Easter Basket this holiday or let her bring brightness to your décor. Whatever task you find for this sweet rabbit stuffed animal, Livie is sure to pass with flying colors!

Additional information

Weight10.8 oz
Dimensions10 × 9 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


10" Sitting


(25 cm)





Customer Reviews

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J Walker
Very cute bunny!

This bunny met my expectations. It is very soft for cuddling. It looks just like it’s online picture.

Absolutely adorable

Livie is the third 'Soft' to join my collection and she is super cute. I'm absolutely thrilled with her.
I do find it interesting that her fur is actually a different texture from both Creamie and Stormie. I expected that it would probably be similar to one of them, but all three are different! This is not a complaint though, as I rather like the variety, but might be something to note for people deciding which they prefer.

Stormie is a very silky, fun to pet kind of material. I really like to run my hands over it. Creamie is super fluffy and snuggly. He definitely earns the DLux in his title. Livie is kind of somewhere in between. Not really super silky, but not quite as fluffy. More like....puffy, if that makes sense. I don't know how they compare to the other couple of Soft rabbits yet, but I intend to find out someday in the future. Livie's ears are more like the silky texture which is really cute and nice because I love when they have different types of fur to pet.

The three bunnies I have so far make a delightful combination to hold. I frequently pull them all to my face and lay like that. They're all the perfect sizes to carry about and sit with, so I like to swap them out one at a time to give them each a turn :)