Moses DLux Terrier Mix



Moses the DLux plush Terrier’s mixed heritage has left him with a handsomely spotted coat and all the love and energy one would expect from any purebred Terrier! Irresistibly cuddly, Moses features a floppy body that contains silky polyester fill and weighted paws. His tri-color fur is depicted with the highest quality faux fur materials available for an extra lifelike appearance. Heart warming, amber colored eyes and a soft, leatherette nose will win Moses the favor of dog lovers of all ages. A unique canine friend, bring home Moses the mixed breed Terrier stuffed animal and he’ll charm the socks off everyone he meets!

Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions18 × 6 × 9 in

24 Months & Up


18" Long


(46 cm)






Jack Russell, Mixed Breed

Customer Reviews

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Xavier cleaver
Terrible. Caused a breakdown. Griddy

The quality was TERRIBLE! There was a seam and it was open, stuffing fell EVERYWHERE! My granddaughter when she hugged it the stuffing fell out, and I had to spent 2 hours sewing it back in. My granddaughter is 7, the plushie was WAY TOO BIG FOR HER! She had to crawl down to hug it. When the stuffing fell everywhere she started to have a breakdown. When she tried to hold it, she couldn’t hold it because it was way to big and heavy. It looks nothing like the picture it was a black lab. I wanted to commit pee on it after getting it. plus, it was $400! So expensive! Even though it says it’s $30 it charge me $400! This is unacceptable! Terrible product. Do not buy. The only good thing about it was NOTHING! IT WAS TERRIBLE! MY GRANDDAUGHTER HAD A BREAKDOWN, I SPENT $400! SHE EVEN STARTED DOING THE GRIDDY ON ME! THATS HOW MUCH SHE WAS HURT BY IT! NEVER BUY IT AGAIN. TERRIBLE! UGLY! MY GRANDDAUGHTER HATED IT. IT HAD A HORRIBLE SMELL WHEN IT CAME IN, IT SMELLED LIKE FIRE!!! AND POOP!!! I NEARLY PUKED! I HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN I OPENED IT! MY GRANDDAUGHTER WAS EXPECTING A PERFECT SOFT, CUTE PLUSHIE BUT SHE GOT THIS! SHAME ON YOU!! MY DAUGHTER HAD A STOKRE WHEN SHE SAW THE PLUSHIE! NEVER BUY THIS! 0/5! I CANT EVEN GIVE IT 0/5 BECAUSE THIS BRAND WANTS YOU TO THINK ITS GOOD! NEVER BUYING AGAIN! I WILL THROW THIS UGLY PLUSHIE. I WILL SENT THE PLOICE. WHEN THE PACKAGE ARRIVED THWRE WAS A DEAD RAT. NEVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE. ITS TERRIBLE AND A SCAM!! I WILL BE SENDING TO MY FACEBOOK MOM GROUP SO THEY CAN WATCH OUT FOR THIS! WHEN I WAS SEWING THE PLUSHIE THERE WAS A DEAD RAT TAIL!!! NEVER BUY!!

So cute

I was highly impressed by the quality of this plushie. The fur feels realistic with extra details such as the fur on ears & on top of nose being short & softer. The legs and paws have a realistic weight to it. The dog is now the darling of our household, so happy!

Caroline Bode

My granddaughter loved him!

Samantha Haskin
Beautiful plush

A local toy store near my parents house sells Douglas plushies. They had one Moses left and I had them hold Moses while my mom ran to pick him up. He is so much bigger then I thought, extremely soft and his face will melt your heart. Get him!! He’s a real sweetie


The order arrived quickly, and my granddaughter loves how cute and huggable this dog is! Thanks for the great product and service!