Artemis Silver Fox



Sprinting nimbly through the woods, Artemis the Silver Fox stuffed animal becomes a quicksilver blur! Fluffy plush fur lends our elegant vixen a realistic appearance. Her lively expression is accentuated by triangular ears that stand alert atop her head. Richly colored eyes shine from Artemis’ black masked face, while dark stockings on each of her legs lend further distinction. From her seated pose, Artemis keeps tabs on her surroundings and you can bet that not a thing gets past her! Bring home this monochrome variation of the Red Fox species and Artemis the plush Silver Fox will delight and enchant!

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 11 in

24 Months & Up


11" Tall


(28 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Zach Reese
My daughters best friend

I found Artemis at a gas station in Arizona for my daughter about a year ago. She instantly loved her and Artemis has gone with my daughter everywhere ever since. Recently at her basketball game someone unfortunately stole Artemis and it broke my daughters heart. Luckily I found you guys and was able to order another one and told her that someone found Artemis, Gave her a bath, and returned her. She was absolutely over the moon to get Artemis the silver fox back and she's been going with us everywhere for the last 20 days. So thank you guys!

Dannon Kusnier

Artemis Silver Fox

Angela Campoli-Smith

Love i!!!

Super Soft and Super Cute!

I've been on the search for a smaller-sized silver fox and was pleasantly surprised when I found this one! She's very soft and cuddly. The only drawbacks are real silver fox tails are black instead of gray like the plush tail. Plus, she does shed fur a little but it's not too much of a bother for me. Thirdly, I wish she was posable instead of being stuck in a sitting position but I knew this before I purchased so not really a complaint, more of a personal plush choice. Totally recommend this plush for any fox lovers out there!

Holly Hart
This fox ROCKS!

She’s a great match for the original Douglas silver fox; double the foxes, double the hugs.