Tatiana Pink Ostrich Fuzzle


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Tatiana our Pink Ostrich Fuzzle is an eccentric bird with a flair for the dramatic! Thiswhimsical stuffed animal is crafted in soft, shaggy fur that mimics the appearance offeathery plumage. An assortment of fun, huggable textures adds to the exciting looks ofour cuddly Ostrich plush while her dangly legs lend an extra dose of charm. Heavylidded eyes with fantastically long lashes give Tatiana an expression that is hard toresist. Ultra soft polyester fill ensures a lifetime of hugs and fanciful adventures. Let thisimaginative plush bird bring a splash of glamour to your day, there?ll never be a dullmoment when Tatiana the Ostrich Fuzzle is around!

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Weight 7.8 oz
Dimensions 11 in