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Romeo the plush West Highland White Terrier is undoubtedly a pro when it comes to taking home Best in Show! With bright, amber colored eyes, a leatherette nose, and a stylish Westie coat clip, this energetic terrier knows how to enchant the judges! We’ve crafted Romeo’s eye catching white coat from the softest plush materials. His alert pose stands at attention ready to impress the next round of judges and win the hearts of his audience. Created to realistically depict this hardy Scottish breed, Westie lovers of all ages will find themselves falling for Romeo’s charms. Bring home this detailed Westie stuffed animal; his lifelike glance and realistic form are so convincing, he’ll have you looking twice!

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Weight9 oz
Dimensions14 × 5 × 13 in

24 Months & Up


16" Long


(41 cm)





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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Hamme
Silky soft and nice cuddle size

I’m a long time Douglas fan. I have Ava and Eve, some older Douglas Westie plushies and I got Romeo to make them a complete family. He’s silky soft, with coarse leg fur like a real Westie. While I am not fond of the Show Cut hair style, I do like how soft the short fur is. It’s as a soft as alpaca fur, or Minky fabric. His facial fur is quite soft too! And I love that he has an almost properly shaped carrot tail like a true terrier.
Romeo can stand on his own but he’s soft enough to sleep with, and big enough for comforting hugs. I’ve had him a couple years and I’ve been hugging and petting him more often than I do some of my other Douglas plushies. I found mine in a toy store, for which I am glad because Douglas tends to ship single plushies in a mail order plastic pouch and that would have squished Romy’s legs so much they might not have let him stand as nicely as mine does. He’s retired now so grab yours while you can if you’ve been looking at him for a while!


Romeo is my Molly, and she is the best! So soft, perfect size, and such a personality! She loves to go on walks in the park with me.😁 I LOVE HER.


Romeo Westie is named Gracie in our family. Thank You so much for this darling Gracie Dog toy. Our friends Bob and Linda both became ill at the same moment in time. Bob died 5 weeks ago and Linda has been hospitalized. We are taking care of their elderly Gracie. Linda has been suffering from Alzheimer's. We found your Romeo to keep Linda company. Linda doesn't say much. But she holds the Gracie toy and will say "my dog".

Dirk Novosad

Excellent quality.
I’m very pleased as a Westie Lover!

Margaret Patterson
Sweet, Soft

and washable! Lost my little therapy buddy this past spring to cancer. My husband gave me this little guy to keep on my lap. It is so very soft and sweet.