Roadie Red Squirrel


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The chatter’s all been true, Roadie the Red Squirrel is an exciting cuddly plush
companion! From his tiny stitched nose to the end of his long bushy tail, it’s easy to see
why animal lovers are “nuts” for Roadie! This playful plush toy is crafted with attractive
russet colored fur with white accents. The faux fur of his tail features realistic black tips
and a fluffy texture. And to make him extra huggable and squeezably soft, we’ve stuffed
him with only the highest quality polyester fill. Beans in his bottom help Roadie hold his
realistic, upright pose and lend him a lifelike weight. If the prospect of keeping a real
squirrel as a pet seems daunting, bring home Roadie the plush Red Squirrel instead.
This well behaved stuffed animal is a perfect alternative!

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Weight 3.7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 4 in

24 Months & Up


(15 cm)


6" Sitting

Stuffed Toy Size




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